[Hyun-Jun Go's perfect news]


It's time for news critic Go Hyun-Jun.

Let me tell you the first news today (10th).

<Hyunjun Ko / Current affairs critic>

Recently, in China, the Gaokao, which is equivalent to the entrance exam in Korea, was held. A student who had no choice but to ride the last train because of self-study at night for the past year is touching the bus driver by sending a note of thanks. .

On the night of the 4th, a driver found a note on a city bus in Xi'an, China.

In this note, "Night self-study is over, and today will be the last night to ride this bus." When getting off the bus every night, thank you for kindly saying "Be careful of cars" and "Go home safely" Greetings were included.

There was neither the name of the author nor the name of the recipient on the note, but the bus driver remembered a girl who had ridden the last train every day for the past year.

The driver immediately looked at the CCTV inside the bus and found the girl who left the note.

The bus driver recalled that the student who left the note was a polite student who always bowed his head and greeted him politely. He said that this note would be the greatest gift he will ever forget.


I think it will be a great gift for the knight, but it must have been very difficult to study like that. It seems that the knight's warm words were also a gift to that girl.

<Hyun-Jun Ko/Criter of Current Affairs> Because

we, who watch this video, also feel warm.

<Anchor> It's

just touching What is the second news?

<Hyun-Jun Ko / Current affairs critic>

This is the next news. In Arizona, USA, a video of rescuing a baby brown bear who climbed up a high-voltage power pole thinking it was a tree was released, and it is attracting attention.

It is a utility pole near Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 7th. A baby brown bear rests on top of a telephone pole.

However, since it was a high-voltage electric pole with a current of 7,500 volts there, it was a dangerous situation to fear an electric shock.

I climbed up on my own truck with my colleagues and started pushing the bear. It was a dangerous situation, but I pushed the bear carefully, and the bear glided down and ran away safely.

The man said it was not in a situation where the bear could attack or bite by pushing the bear out of his reach.

Accidents like this in which a bear rides up a utility pole are common near Arizona. A month ago, a bear was caught climbing up a utility pole and even resting on a power line.


Still, it may be such a dangerous situation, but seeing that you came down and rescued yourself, there is a lot of warm news today. What is the last news for today?

<Hyun-Jun Ko / Current Current Critic> This is the

last news. It happened in Ulsan, and two old women who got lost while going to the mountains to pick up medicinal herbs were saved thanks to a 'registered text message' on their cell phone.

On the night of the 8th, a report was received in the police 112 situation room saying, 'My mother, who went to the mountains at 6 in the morning, did not return home'.

The police tracked down the missing person's cell phone, but the GPS location changed abnormally, making tracking difficult.

The police, who had difficulties in the search, decided to use the registered text message from the telecommunication company, which is a service that automatically sends a confirmation text to the carrier when the other party reads the text message.

At around 1 am, a confirmation text message that a grandmother had seen this text arrived at the telecommunication company, and as a result of GPS tracking, it was confirmed to be near the top of Dongdaesan Mountain in Ulsan.

The police and fire department dispatched personnel to the location and found the fallen grandmothers around 3 am, two hours after the search.

At the time of discovery, the grandmothers were lying exhausted, but conscious, and fortunately there were no major injuries.