Former Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu, who demanded that the black box video be deleted after assaulting a taxi driver, will be sent to the prosecution on charges of destroying evidence. The police also decided to send the taxi driver who had deleted the assault video to the charge of destroying evidence.

Correspondent Choi Seong-gil.


Lee Yong-gu, former vice justice minister, assaulted a taxi driver in front of his home in November last year.

Afterwards, the fact that the investigator in charge closed the case without filing a case was later revealed, causing controversy.

In addition, as suspicions surfaced that former Vice Minister Lee had asked the taxi driver to delete the black box video containing the assault scene, the police launched a fact-finding investigation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's fact-finding team announced today that after more than four months of investigation, it has decided to send Lee to the prosecution on charges of destroying evidence.

The taxi driver who deleted the video also decided to send it over for destruction of evidence.

Actions were also taken against the officers responsible for handling the case properly.

At the time of the incident, the officer in charge who checked the black box video and did not report, etc. will be handed over to the prosecution for negligence of special duties.

At that time, the chief, manager, and team leader were held accountable for violations of reporting obligations and negligence in command and supervision.

The fact-finding team said, however, that there was no internal intervention, illegal solicitation, or external pressure on the suspicion of unfair intervention in the case.