An executive from an agency affiliated with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy was disciplined for years of verbal abuse and sexual harassment by subordinates.

Victims claim that the company has been ignoring the fact that it has been inflicted and that they have been belatedly punished.

Correspondent Choi Seong-gil.

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is the Capital Goods Mutual Aid Association, an organization under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Mr. A, who joined the company last year, had to suffer from verbal abuse from an executive in the same department from the time of his apprenticeship.

[Mr. A / Victim of harassment at work: You are just swearing. Why are you doing that XX? Because the abusive language is repeated almost every day... .]

The executive pointed out his work attitude and said that he frequently molested her, such as hitting her head or touching her butt and chest.

[Mr. A / Victim of bullying at work: When you brush your teeth, you just touch your ass like this. I don't pat my ass, I touch it like this (grasping).]

Mr. A, who even received psychiatric treatment, told the union about bullying at work in March.

However, A was not the only victim.

Since 2016, the union's workplace harassment survey has been conducted anonymously, and this executive has been identified as the perpetrator every year.

However, the company did not take any action, saying the victim's identity could not be identified.

Eventually, in March of this year, when Mr. A officially reported to the company, other victims also came forward.

There are only six confirmed victims.

[Additional victim of harassment at work: It is a very unpleasant memory. While passing by, I grabbed my chest and shook it several times... .] Only

then, the company imposed the disciplinary action against this executive of two months' salary reduction and the transfer of a subsidiary.

However, the affected employees are of the opinion that it is a flimsy disposition.

There are also concerns that the perpetrator may be reunited with the perpetrator in the future.

The company said that it would take disciplinary action according to the regulations after consulting legal advice, and that it would consider additional measures such as separation of victims and perpetrators after the disciplinary period ends.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, video editing: So Ji-hye)