On search engine Bing, photos of Tankman are no longer visible in the results for images and videos since Friday.

The censorship comes on the day that it will be exactly 32 years since the mass student protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square were brutally crushed by the army.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirms the news to NU.nl after reporting by



According to the company, this is a human error and a solution is being worked on.

Since Friday evening, both the international version of search engine Bing and the Dutch version can read "there are no results for tank man" or general images of tanks are shown when searching for the photo.

The images can still be found in other search engines.

The iconic photo has become a symbol of the student protest in 1989, which was brutally crushed by the government and possibly killed thousands.

Tankman's identity has never been revealed.

In China, student protests are heavily censored and there are no online photos of the man who, with a shopping bag in his hand, forces tanks to stop.

Tankman's censorship comes at a sensitive time.

Every year commemorations are organized outside China, but this year they were banned in Hong Kong.

An organizer was also arrested.


Student protest China 30 years ago: 'Tankman' still unknown