On the day of the Seoul mayor's by-election, the police closed the investigation without charges in the case of violating the election law by broadcasting "You must vote this time" at the apartment management office.

The Seocho Police Station in Seoul made a decision not to appeal yesterday (the 4th) with the conclusion of 'no charges' against the representative of an apartment resident in Umyeon-dong, Seocho-gu and the head of the management office, who were accused of violating the Public Official Election Act.

On the day of the election, on April 7th, around 10 am, they made a announcement saying, "Please vote this time and show the power of our apartment."

Regarding this broadcast, 112 reports of violating the Election Act came in and the police started an investigation after hearing that 'this time' was about to vote for candidate Oh Se-hoon, the symbol of the people's power, who was the second symbol at the time.

Members of the Seocho-gu council belonging to the Democratic Party also requested the Seocho-gu Election Commission to review the violations.

The Seocho-gu Election Commission handed it over to the police, saying that it is difficult to determine whether it is a violation of the Election Act, and the police concluded that they were not guilty.

A police official said, "At that time, we judged that there was no intentionality in the act of broadcasting." "After discussing the case with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, we have come to a conclusion."