Former US president and businessman Donald Trump will no longer be allowed to use Facebook for the next two years, the company announced Friday.

He has been banned from the platform since January 7 for allegedly praising people who stormed the US Capitol the day before.

The ban will be in effect until January 7, 2023. After that, Facebook will look at whether the "risk to public safety has been reduced".

If that turns out not to be the case, the company will extend the ban again for a certain period.

But, Facebook warns, when restrictions on Trump's Facebook account are lifted, there will be sanctions in case he goes wrong again.

In the worst case, his account will be deleted forever.

Trump's account was blocked by Facebook in January this year after a large group of supporters stormed the Capitol, the US House of Representatives.

They did that after Trump lost the presidential election.

During the riots, Trump posted two messages on Facebook that, according to the company, called for "a violent uprising against a democratically elected government".

The decision immediately came under severe criticism from users, as well as from its independent supervisory board, the Facebook Oversight Board.

He finally ruled last month that Facebook had the right to block Trump in this situation, but that imposing an indefinite penalty was too arbitrary.

That is why the company decided on Friday to put the term of two years on it.

However, Facebook assumes that criticism will follow again. "We know that any punishment we impose - or not impose - will be controversial. The decision we make today will be criticized on both sides of the political spectrum, but our job is to make a balanced, fair and transparent decision in consultation with the Oversight Board," the company concludes.