Without being able to acquire a PS5, due to the shortage, you might want a branded item of clothing from Sony's new console.

But we will have to pay the price.

The Japanese company has signed a commercial agreement with the luxury house Balenciaga.

Result: a black tee-shirt and another red with the logo of the PS5 on the front, the buttons of the controller on the back, sells for 510 euros, reports Fredzone.

If you prefer a sweatshirt (only available in black), it will cost you 665 euros.

Note to gamers and fashion fans, BALENCIAGA and Sony have unveiled a hoodie ($ 875) and a t-shirt ($ 675) around the PlayStation 5. Are you interested?


- Vogue.fr (@VogueParis) June 2, 2021

Which means that the price of the console remains relatively competitive compared to these Playstation licensed clothing.

The normal price of a PS5 is 399 or 499 euros depending on its version.

Even if, given the shortage, it takes more than 800 euros at least on the gray market to get one, recalls Numerama.

7.8 million consoles sold

Only six months after the launch of its new console, Sony is unable to meet demand, due to a lack of components allowing it to increase its production rate.

The company was able to sell 7.8 million PS5s worldwide, says Phonandroid.

But there could have been a lot more.

Bad news for players: according to the Japanese brand, the shortage will continue in 2022 with demand still exceeding supply.

The warning came from Hiroki Totoki, Sony's CFO.

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