The police, who are investigating allegations of negligent investigation into the assault case of taxi driver Lee Yong-gu, who expressed his resignation, have summoned former Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu today (30th).

The anti-corruption and public crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said it was investigating the alleged destruction of evidence after the incident by summoning Vice Minister Lee.

After the assault, Vice Minister Lee contacted the victim, a taxi driver, and tried to reach an agreement, requesting that the video be deleted.

On November 6, last year, about three weeks before being appointed as vice minister, Lee was reported to the police on charges of assault, such as grabbing the neck of a taxi driver who arrived in front of his house in Seocho-gu after getting drunk and took a taxi.

At the time, the police concluded that the victim did not want to be punished, so the case was closed without filing the case, and as the controversy spread, Vice Minister Lee expressed his resignation.

(Photo = Yonhap News)