An allegation was raised that a non-commissioned officer filmed the showers of soldiers in the same unit and made abusive comments about sexual harassment.

The noncommissioned officer explained that it was a joke because they were close friends.

This is reporter Ha Jeong-yeon.


Mr. A, who was discharged from the military earlier this year, is still suffering because of a photo that was taken inside the unit.

[Mr A: I was using my cell phone while going to the toilet, but suddenly I heard a clicking sound from above, so I was so surprised that I looked up…


A non-commissioned officer took pictures of his naked body because he used the phone in a bathroom where cell phones were prohibited.

[Mr. A: Looking at the picture, 'How is your ○○', 'Here is your ○○'...


At that time, I had the photos deleted, but I am very anxious that they can be restored at any time.

[Mr A: If you think that someone has a picture of you (naked), it's really shameful every day...

.] I

've heard stories of soldiers serving in the unit, and they say that these photos were taken several times.

[Mr. B: There was a time when I took a picture of someone taking a shower and made fun of them by showing it to other members...


Sexual harassment remarks and abusive language were also commonplace.

[Mr. C: Do you know about the Nth room incident?

He looks like the criminal who appears there, just pointing out one person in front of everyone.]

[Mr. D: There were many cases of pinching or hitting him under the guise of a joke, and pulling his hair.]

To stop the non-commissioned officer's harsh behavior, I made a wish in the unit did, but it didn't change.

After that, the non-commissioned officer was quarantined only after writing down everything during the regular inspection of the senior unit.

The non-commissioned officer in question admitted to the filming in a phone call with SBS, but explained that he received an answer saying that they are close friends.

[NCO: In that atmosphere, it was a real joke. At least for the people I really filmed, I'm doing really well.] The

Army Headquarters took disciplinary action against harsh acts such as abusive language, and said that inappropriate filming and sexual harassment remarks are being investigated by criminal investigation.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, video editing: Ha Seong-won, CG: Ryu Sang-soo)