We cannot avoid it: we are a country that loses

red meat

(whether fresh, ripened or overripe).

Okay, not as much as the

Uruguayans, who have until a National Day,

May 29.

But the good weather is arriving and we are awakened by the

desire for steak


If we add to this that

grilled cuisine

is increasingly fashionable in the hospitality industry, we already have the

round carnivorous proposal


Here is a selection -

in alphabetical order

- of Madrid restaurants (classic and also in a modern key) that handle fire and meat with art.

A Brasa. © A BRASA

To Brasa

Its name already gives clues to the

leitmotif of this modern steakhouse

- the


of Carbón Negro and Umo from Madrid - and its stars. That is, its

three level grills

- created for

braising and grilling

and supplied with charcoal - and the product, not just carnivore. In its meat proposal, we find dishes such as bone-in matured beef entrecote; the

40-day-old beef chop


the house


); the mini-

burgers with ripened picaña

, served on brioche bread; the beef sirloin sautéed in the pan with confit garlic and rosemary that has just entered the summer menu or its classic

steak tartare

, with toasted bread (prices: 12.50 to 29.90 euros per person).


Camino de la Zarzuela, 23 (Madrid).

Tel .: 91 088 39 58. / Estafeta, 2 (Alcobendas).

Tel .: 91 088 39 58.

A'Kangas by Urrechu

A'Kangas by Urrechu

This 21st century steakhouse from

Iñigo Urrechu

-flamming owner of Zalacain- is the most carnivorous proposal of the Gipuzkoan chef; if not, take a look at the display case where the pieces are displayed or at the dining room menu. Up to 11 dishes go through a

(sustainable) grill fed with oak wood

from annual pruning. Their meats -from Valles del Esla and Grupo Norteños, among other suppliers- present

different maturations

, and have as kings of the house the


: Asturian veal, Galician and Asturian cow of high maturity (the most demanded) and ox (45, 58 and 85 euros per kilo, respectively). It also offers individual cuts such as picaña, premium entrecote, beef or beef tenderloin ...


Plaza de la Moraleja, 4 (Alcobendas).

Telf .: 91 555 56 00. Closed on Sunday nights.



Nacho and Jorge Gadea

are, since 2014, the soul of this dining room that follows in the footsteps of the

Valencian Askua

founded by their father in 1994. Stews and


star in an offer that is based on the raw material

with name and surname

: Rafa López anchovies , hake cocochas by Alberto Ferreres, Galician old cow chops by

Luismi Garayar

, an institution in the world of premium meats. "

We do not work on high

maturities, we advocate for meats aged 30 or 40 days, no longer," says Jorge. Thus, they serve low and high loin chops of beef and

Luismi Prémium high loin.

(prices: from 26 euros) and also a famous steak tartare.

Also, fish and dishes to share.


Arlabán, 7. Telf .: 91 593 75 07. Closed on Sunday nights.



Fire and embers are the hallmarks of the house that the

Rivera brothers

have in Chamberí.

Fish and shellfish from national markets;

vegetables from Navarra and local producers and, of course, meats of different breeds that

refine and mature

until they are ready to go to the charcoal grill.

For example, grilled sirloin center, beef tenderloin ... Or a

T-bone of old Holstein cow

, a special cut that combines

tenderloin and sirloin in the same piece

and will be offered until June 13.

The meat, selected and matured by


, is short-aged (15 days) and is served in one-kilo pieces (60 euros).


Ponzano, 47. Telf .: 91 737 70 86. Closed on Sunday nights.

Casa Juián de Tolosa, in Bulbiza.MIKEL PONCE.

Julián de Tolosa House

If the


know one thing, it

is to domesticate fire, grills and steaks. This is demonstrated in the mythical steakhouse that Matías Gorrotxategi founded in Tolosa in the 1950s -commanded today by his son Xabi- and in the two

Madrid headquarters

run by his other two offspring: Mikel in Cava Baja, 18, and

Iñaki in Bulbiza

. This modern


houses a

visible grill

, identical to that of the mother house, where Iñaki, a

purebred grill man

, opts for short maturations (between 15 and 30 days) and a

point of roast

based on the three-color technique (brown dark on the outside, pink on the edge and red in the center). His specialty is the

beef chop

(simmental, holstein or Galician blonde), accompanied by piquillo peppers (price, depending on the market).


Ibiza, 39. Telf .: 91 060 72 10. Closed on Sunday nights.



Not all carnivorous paradises are in the capital, they can also be found in an

industrial estate

. For example, in Meco, a town where the

Casado brothers

opened a spacious premises in 2007, where they grill

fish, vegetables and meats of all kinds

on the grill - with oak charcoal

. "From fresh to

Galician blonde cow chops

(eight years old, from

Cárnicas Lyo

) with 40 or 50 days of maturation", explains Michel. Most essential in the dining room: filleted grilled ribeye; sirloin medallion or

national wagyu cutlet

(prices: from 25 to 99 euros per kilo). Now, they also offer

Galician beef tenderloin

, a product that they want to keep fixed in the menu of this house, whose


are the Galician chop and the

roasts in a wood oven



: La Venta, 2 (Meco).

Telephone: 91 830 73 19. Closed: evenings and Sundays.

Pelota player.

Pelota player

Francisco López and Enrique Fernández

opened this Basque-Navarre cuisine restaurant 30 years ago. Key in any carnivorous route for the

quality of its meats

and for the


that Paco shows, who, with more than 40 years of trade, dominates the grill -of holm oak charcoal- like few others.

Pieces of beef pass through



(Galician blondes, Portuguese cachenas and Central European fleckvieh or simmental) with 30 or 40 days in a chamber that - for three decades - has been supplied by the

Garbuga company

. And

ox with high maturities

, when they find it, a task that Ingenierías Cárnicas is in charge of. In addition to the old cow chop -star of the house- (55 euros / kilo) and

the ox

(approx. 95 euros / kilo), there is entrecote, sirloin ...


Recoletos, 3. Tel .: 91 578 24 97. Closed on Sunday nights.



In this space, Javier Brichetto -chef tanned in "a thousand kitchens" - worships

Argentine asados ​​in a modern key

. "In my country we always have an excuse to light the grill. There, the barbecue

is like football

, we all have an opinion, we

all know

, we are all great grill", he explains between smiles. On the grill that

he himself has designed,

meat from the

humid Pampas

and, recently, also Spanish. The former come from

young Aberdeen Angus steers

and their crosses, with 40 days of maturation. And the cuts?

Beef eye

(central part of the high loin);

chorizo ​​steak

(low back);


Vacuum del Fino y Tira de Asado, the most popular and autochthonous Argentine (prices: from 22 to 29 euros).

Now, in addition, it works with

meats from Galician and Asturian cows,

9 years old and

60 or 90 days old

(80 euros / kilo and 90 euros / kilo, respectively).


Plaza de la Chopera, 69. Telf .: 91 467 54 02.

The cattle

The cattle

We are in an entire

institution dedicated to meat

, especially old Galician beef, "although there are also Asturian and northern Portugal", explains

Paloma Rodríguez

. Since 1995, she and her husband,

Luis González

, have been in charge of the dining room that their parents founded in 1964. Do not look for young meats, because "the most normal ones are

between 60 and 80 days old,"

says the owner. And it is that they handle high aging, even

"before it became fashionable," he

says. Luis takes care of the loins -which he keeps in cameras- and moves them so that "

the fat infiltrates

and provides a spectacular flavor. Some are up to 26 months old," says Paloma. What do you eat here?

Galician beef cutlet

(43 euros / kilo);



(18-26 euros);

Galician beef

chop of

high maturity (price, according to market) or its renowned steak tartar (18-27 euros).


Orfila, 3. Telf .: 91 308 03 82. Closed Saturday nights and Sundays.

Elia's Tavern

More than a restaurant, what

Aurelian Catalin

has in Pozuelo is a

red meat mecca

. In addition, due to his handling of the embers, he seems to come from a


barbecue line

, but

Cata is Romanian

and learned the trade with Jeremías de Lózar, in El Torreón de Tordesillas (Valladolid). The menu includes proposals of all kinds, with varied races and origins; renowned providers (

Norteños, Lyo, Discarlux ...


fresh, overripe and overripe meats

, "in some cases, up to 500 days," Catalin explains. There is everything or almost:

Japanese wagyu

with DO; high and low loin of

American black angus

; entrecote, sirloin and

grilled rib

of simmental, Danish red or Friesian, between 45 and 90 days of maturation;

Grilled steak from a

Galician beef over five years old

and aged for more than 150 days ... "Average price? 60 euros, although a Guadarrama beef steak is not the same as an beef steak," he concludes.


Via de las dos Castillas (Pozuelo de Alarcón).

Tel .: 91 162 72 49.

Elia's Tavern.

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