Vice Minister of Justice Yong-gu Lee, who is being investigated for a taxi driver drunk assault case, expressed his gratitude today (28th). Along with the appointment of the new prosecutor general, it is predicted that a large number of prosecutors will be executed.

Reporter Won Jong-jin delivers.

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Ministry of Justice announced today that Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu expressed his appreciation.

It has been six months since I was appointed as the vice minister in early December of last year.

Deputy Minister Lee stated the reason for resignation, saying that all of the legal prosecutors thought it was time for new innovation and leap forward, and that new workers were needed for this.

Following the assault of a taxi driver, the vice minister, who was caught up in suspicion that there was even police investigation Muma, remained in place despite the controversy, but expressed his gratitude for the appointment of the new prosecutor general.

The Ministry of Justice said that along with Vice Minister Lee, Ho-sung Kang, head of the Crime Prevention Policy Bureau, and Head of Correction Headquarters Lee Young-hee, also applied for honorary retirement in order to reorganize and resolve personnel stagnation.

Deputy Minister Lee's speech appears to be related to the upcoming prosecutor's officials.

Attorney General Park Beom-gye is expressing his intention to expand the range of personnel at the prosecutor's office by mentioning the lack of personnel in the prosecution organization, but the situation is difficult.

Prospects are emerging as to whether or not the positions of the officials of the Ministry of Justice, which have been vacant due to resignation, will be newly filled through personnel at the prosecutor's office.

In addition, it is known that the Prosecutors' Personnel Committee held yesterday discussed the fact that the high prosecutors, who are supposed to remain, can be sent down to the positions of the district prosecutor's office, which is a subordinate agency.

It is analyzed that the level of pressure to retire against the existing high prosecutors is being raised along with the work of preparing new positions to increase the width of personnel at the prosecutors' office at the end of the regime.