The biggest reason why workers hide or injure themselves in the workplace is the structure that puts cost before safety. Recently, a worker had been injured so severely that his leg broke while working on a courier service, but the company was in a hurry to conceal the accident because there might be a problem with the business.

Reporter Choi Sun-gil covered this content.


[A worker was caught in an accident between the conveyor belt and the wall, and his leg was seriously injured.]

Last January, a worker carrying a package from a conveyor belt without a safety device at the Gunpo Terminal of Lotte Courier was seriously injured.

Since then, Lotte Courier has announced that it will improve the working environment and safety training.

However, a similar accident occurred again in 4 months.

On the 18th, Lotte Courier Incheon Terminal.

A man carrying boxes on a conveyor belt suddenly collapses.

A foreign worker got caught in the conveyor belt and broke his right foot.

[Dispatch company employee: I said,'Hey, get out of the box quickly,' but there is a gap between the (conveyor belt). So I got stuck there... .] The

accident was so big that the bones could be seen, but the consignment company did not report to 119 and took it to a hospital and took it to the hospital.

It seems that the intention was to hide the accident itself, but it is said that the injured worker was even instructed not to report the injury while working.

[Dispatch company employee: This is a serious problem, do not assume that you have been injured at the site, but rather that you have fallen or fell injured while going somewhere… .] The

company explained that it did not call 911 because it was judged to be an abrasion or an injury, and that it had never instructed to hide the accident.

[Subcontractor employee: At that time, we knew about abrasions, and we also have a designated hospital, and we send them in case of an accident or injured... .]

This company was the same company that was in charge of loading and unloading even at the time of the Lotte Parcel Delivery Gunpo Terminal accident in January.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor has initiated an investigation of the company's violation of safety rules.

(Video coverage: Nam Nam Kim, video editing: Seunghee Lee)