Today (27th), a 50-year-old worker at an apartment construction site in Incheon was killed by a 200kg stone that fell from an excavator. There was also a safety manager at the site, and the excavator driver stated that he did not know there was anyone below.

Reporter Kim Sang-min covered it.


This is an apartment construction site that Hyundai E&C is building in Juan-dong, Incheon.

Around 10 am today, 54-year-old A, a daily worker, was killed by a large stone.

At the site, a'backfill' work was underway to fill the gap between the wall of the underground parking lot and the dirt wall with stones and soil.

At the time, Mr. A was cleaning the waste material from about 5m below, and a stone dropped by an excavator during the backfilling operation hit Mr. A.

The stone that fell on Mr. A reached about 200 kg.

When the paramedics arrived at the scene, Mr. A was severely injured in his face, and there was no breathing or a pulse.

Site officials are said to have told the police that "at the time of the accident, a safety manager and two signalmen were deployed."

The police are calling on site officials in turn to investigate the cause of the accident, but the excavator driver said he did not know there was anyone below.

[Union officials: If there was a stone in the forklift, but there is someone under it, you should not pour it. Less common sense, less common sense.]

Hyundai E&C stated that it is clear that there was an accident that should not have occurred, saying that it is grasping the specific details of the accident.

The police are reviewing whether the charges of business manslaughter can be applied to the person in charge of safety management.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)