The number of new confirmed cases today (26th) was 700 while the domestic Corona 19 epidemic situation is not improving.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0 o'clock today, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 707, accumulating 137,000,682.

The number increased by 191 from yesterday (516), and it has risen to 700 again in 12 days since the 14th (747).

Usually, due to the decrease in the number of tests on weekends and holidays, the number of confirmed cases appears somewhat less until the beginning of the week and then increases again from the middle of the week. This pattern has also been observed this week.

Looking at the infection route of today's new confirmed cases, local outbreaks are 684 people and foreign inflows are 23 people.

The number of confirmed cases estimated to have been infected in the community reached 700, an increase of 203 from yesterday (481).

This is a proof that the daily fashion situation is not unusual.

Looking at the recent outbreak of Corona 19, the spread of not only the metropolitan area but also the non-metropolitan area is increasing, and most of the double-digit confirmed cases are coming out in cities and provinces.

From the 20th to today, the number of new confirmed patients for the past week was 646 → 561 → 666 → 585 → 538 → 516 → 707 on a daily basis (as of the time of announcement).

During this period, 500 units are numbered 4, 600 units are numbered 2, and 700 units are numbered 1.