Virgin Galactic's manned test flight has landed safely, the space agency reports via Twitter on Saturday.

The purpose of the test flight was to test the missile system, which is still in the development phase.

The aircraft, the VSS Unity, was manned by two pilots who have already flown to space. Unity has room for two pilots and six passengers. First, the vessel was raised to an altitude of more than 13 kilometers by a special aircraft. After that, Unity was able to fly under its own power at 89.2 kilometers before returning to the runway of the base in New Mexico.

According to


, Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier calls the test flight "a great success."

The company has about three more flights to go before the development of the missile system can be completed.

The results of the flight are being submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for analysis, Colglazier reports.

When Virgin Galactic meets all requirements, the airline company is allowed to conduct space flights on a regular basis.

This is the third test flight that the aerospace company has done.

The previous two flights took place in California's Mojave Desert, home to Virgin Galactic's development center.


Space tourism company Virgin Galactic is conducting manned test flight