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600 new corona19 confirmed patients are expected today (23rd). In Daegu, group infection is spreading rapidly, centering on entertainment bars. The first dose of vaccination for seniors aged 75 and over, which was once discontinued, has also resumed.

Reporter Seo Dong-gyun on the press.

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group infection that started in an entertainment bar in the basement of a hotel in Sangyeok-dong, Daegu spread rapidly.

In three days, 69 confirmed cases were found in all six entertainment establishments in Daegu.

Of the confirmed cases, 40 are employees.

[Chae Hong-ho/Daegu City Administration Vice Mayor: Most of the nightlife pubs are mostly underground or are operated very closed... .] The

number of confirmed cases rose to 600 again in one day as group infections continued in various places such as the factory in Namyangju, Gyeonggi and Garak Market in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Pfizer vaccinations over 75, which were once discontinued, have resumed yesterday.

The 2nd vaccination of the existing 1st vaccination is also performed, and those who have completed the 2nd vaccination are attached with a badge with the words'Vaccination completed' written on it.

[Bangwangja/Seongdong-gu, Seoul: I was worried because it was a little late, but I feel comfortable after being hit. It's good because I think I'll be able to travel more comfortably after being hit twice.]

As the supply of Pfizer vaccines once became scarce, the health authorities have focused on the second vaccination of the existing primary vaccinations.

From the 27th, the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine will begin for people aged 65-74 and some underlying diseases.

From the 7th of the following month, the target will be expanded to 60-64 years old and teachers of kindergartens and daycare centers.