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man in his twenties who killed a friend with a weapon in an officetel in Incheon was caught by the police. It was investigated that he was committed while drinking and arguing.

Reporter Park Chan-beom, news of incidents and accidents.

<Reporter> This

is an officetel in Incheon.

Today (23rd) around 1:30 am, 24-year-old Kim Mo struck a weapon at a friend of the same age in the place where he lived.

My friend, who was stabbed by a weapon, came down to the first floor of the officetel to avoid Kim, but died.

[Security guard: The residents are outraged. I asked what this was, so I wiped the blood. Even though I brushed it as much as possible, the blood stains... .] After

receiving a report from the residents saying that they heard a call to be saved, the police mobilized and arrested Mr. Kim who was at home.

[Resident: I heard a sound, and the police seem to have come right away. I heard it while I was sleeping.] During the

police investigation, Mr. Kim stated that he had done something after an argument while drinking alcohol.


Helicopter is floating on the sea for lifesaving work.

A car crashed off the coast of Incheon Seonjae Island at around 4:30 pm today.

One passenger in their 50s was found dead in a vehicle.

[Witness: I was passing by, but people just ran and saw that the car was sinking into the water.] The

Coast Guard and the fire department are investigating the details of the accident based on the witness's statement that the vehicle was rushed to the sea.

--- This

is a residential area in Dobong-gu, Seoul.

On the morning of the 20th, a 44-year-old aunt approached a woman here.

Enticing a woman in need to give her something she needed, she lured her to her home and attempted sexual assault.

The victim was a deaf woman, but while Ko was vigilant, she reported that she would like to be saved at 112 and ran away.

[Resident: (The victim woman) was sitting there.

I saw a policeman appearing and pulling over and talking...

.] After

20 minutes of reporting, the police arrested and arrested Mr. Ko in a nearby park.

(Video coverage: Yong Yong-Kim Nam-nam, Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, Screen provided: Pyeongtaek Maritime Police Station)