On the afternoon of May 23rd, a quiet memorial ceremony was held near the water taxi platform at Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul, with citizens gathering to commemorate the late Son Jeong-min.

About 150 people participated in this event, and opinions gathered around the Kakao Talk open chat room.

Participants gathered in a memorial space where Son's photos and flowers were placed near the Han River Park water taxi platform, where Mr. Son disappeared, and each commemorated Mr. Son.

Citizens gathered around the photo of Mr. Son talked with each other, such as, "The police seem to be covering up the facts", "A valuable talent left too early", and "How painful the family will be."

Sim Mo, holding a picket with the phrase'I urge fair, expedited, and accurate investigation', said, "I started from Incheon to commemorate Jung Min," and said, "I came out with an upset heart."

'Jung Min, I'm sorry!

A (43), holding a picket with the phrase "Truth wins", said, "It's a place where I usually take a walk, but it suddenly became a sad place," and "I made a picket because there was nothing I could do."

A woman in her 60s, who said she was riding her first car from Gangwon-do, grabbed a photo of Mr. Son and cried out for more than 10 minutes, saying, "Poor Jung Min-a, this auntie will reveal it.

Rather than a rally organized by a specific group, it was prepared with the intent of gathering citizens at the same place at the same time as individuals for a memorial service, so no prior report of the assembly was made.

However, six police units were deployed in preparation for the collapse of the quarantine regulations or an unforeseen conflict, and staff from the city hall and ward office also came out to guide the quarantine regulations.

(Photo = Yonhap News)