Deputy Justice Lee Yong-gu, who is accused of assaulting a taxi driver while drunk, appeared at the prosecution today (22nd) and was investigated. It is the first time that this case has been subpoenaed six months after the incident, and the prosecution is in a position that it will conclude independently of the police investigation situation.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Bae Jun-woo.


On November 6, last year, Deputy Attorney General Yong-gu Lee was accused of assaulting a taxi driver while drunk.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, who is re-investigating the case, which the police ended without having to worry about an agreement with a taxi driver, called Vice Minister Yong-gu Lee as a suspect today to investigate.

This is the first summons investigation after 6 months of alcohol abuse.

Based on the taxi driver's statement that'the transmission was stepping on the brakes in the D state at the time', the prosecution is known to have inquired about how he assaulted Lee.

In addition, it is reported that they investigated whether or not they asked for help from senior police officers regarding the handling of the accident.

The investigation into Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu is also being conducted by the police.

We are investigating the suspicion of asking the taxi driver to delete the video of the assault while proposing a settlement money, and the suspicion that the police pretended to be unaware of the existence of the assault video and closed the case.

However, the prosecution is considering concluding this case regardless of the police's proceedings.

Some say they are trying to shake off the case before taking office as the new prosecutor general, but the prosecution is not particularly aware of it.

As soon as the prosecution closes the investigation into this loan, the prosecution will decide whether to apply the specific crime weighted punishment law, which should be punished regardless of whether the taxi driver is agreed or not, and the level of punishment for the vice minister Yong-gu Lee.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)