A rally was held in the Han River Park where a college student Son Jeong-min was found dead.

At the same time, the field search work continued, and the police called their friends A and their parents as reference points to investigate, but it is known that there are no traces of deletion of communication records.

This is Park Jae-hyun.



Find out the

truth about Jungmin's death!] At

Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul, where


Son was found dead, a rally was held to urge the investigation of the truth.

[Conference participant: (suspect) There are too many.

Because there were so many suspicious parts...

This is a gathering of people who say no.] About

200 people gathered through social media, but it was an unreported rally, which caused friction with the police in the process of marching.

Even in inclement weather, search work continued today (16th).

The Navy set up a command post on the field and began an underwater search to find Mr. Son's friend A's cell phone.

The police focused on securing additional clues, such as the missing shoes of Mr. Son.

Investigations into incidents and witnesses are also ongoing.

Yesterday and yesterday, the police completed a reference investigation into Mr. Son's friend A and his parents.

It is known that an investigation was conducted for a long time not only about what happened on the day of the incident, but also about the suspicions raised by Son's father.

The police also received the cell phones of Mr. A's parents and analyzed them through forensics, but it is known that there are no circumstances in which communication records were deleted or suspicious messages were exchanged.

The police, having secured the content of the additional report, are working hard to verify the authenticity of the report.

(Video coverage: Lim Dong-guk, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)