There is rain news today (17th) as well. During the weekend, there was quite a lot of rain for the spring rain, causing rainwater to pit roads everywhere. Yesterday evening, there were accidents in which the tires of a vehicle were damaged on a hollow road on Olympic Road in Seoul. You should also be careful driving in rain this morning.

This is reporter Ahn Hee-jae.


Around 8 o'clock yesterday evening, near Gwangjin Bridge, Olympic-daero in Seoul.

Vehicles with emergency lights are lined up on one side of the road.

17 vehicles inflicted large and small damage in a 1m long and 20cm deep porthole in 1 of the 4 lanes.

[Kim Chan-joong / Damaged vehicle driver: As I passed through the pothole, I said'bread', the car. The tire was punctured and torn... .] After

two days in a row, the ground weakened and a hole was created in the road, but he couldn't avoid the pothole that was pitted while running through the rain.

Immediately after the accident, emergency repair work took place, but the damaged vehicles had to stand on the side of the road with their feet tied for a while.

At the same time, a 1m 50cm long porthole was created on the opposite road, and one vehicle was damaged, and 6 vehicles were damaged in the porthole near the southern end of Guriamsa Bridge.

There was no human injury that day, but some of the roads were once controlled for emergency repair work and accident recovery.

Experts advise that when running on rainy roads, slowing down as much as possible when running into a pothole, slowing down and passing through it, rather than avoiding it, is a way to prevent bigger accidents and minimize damage.