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Methodical ("when a character comes to me I

try to understand him well without judging

, to be able to defend him in the best possible way"), grateful ("It is very exciting to see three series in which I have participated premiered. That is to be lucky.

It seems that it will not stop to work and it's not like that "

) and convinced that he can walk quietly around Madrid (" it's funny, because

people say hello to me and ask me what I've done because my face sounds familiar and they don't know what about "


This is how

Miki Esparbé

(Barcelona, ​​1983)

finds himself

before the premiere of the series

Reyes de la noche

(Movistar +)

, a few weeks after

The Innocent

has become the last great success of Netflix.

And without forgetting that very recently he could be seen in

Los espabilado

(Movistar +), another television production that has been well received by viewers.

Javier Gutiérrez is Paco 'El Cóndor' in the series 'Reyes de la noche'.


"There are people who think that football is a matter of life and death. It is much more than that," said Bill Shankly, a British football coach. And maybe he was right. In

Reyes de la noche

, which arrives at Movistar + on May 14,

football appears in the background, but it leads its protagonists to commit crazy things.

This production of six 30-minute chapters portrays the fight to the death of two

star presenters of sports radio in the early morning.

As if they were

(although they are not, but they do look like it)

José María García and José Ramón de la Morena

, in

Reyes de la noche

Jota Montes and Paco 'El Condor' are the two arch-enemies who fight to dominate radio journalism at night in the 80s and 90s.

Miki Esparbé and Itsaso Arana in 'Kings of the night'.



Reyes de la noche


Miki Esparbé is Jota Montes

, a journalist who has always been at the service of Paco 'El Cóndor (Javier Gutiérrez), a renowned journalist who is a friend of the powerful and cruel with those who dare to approach his throne. But, when the first decides to go to the competition, one and the other

become arch enemies

who will fight every night to get the best interview, uncover great exclusives and become leaders.

"The series is inspired by the battles that radio journalists fought in the 80s and 90s, but

it is not a biopic of García and De la Morena.

It is what Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, the scriptwriters of the series, have expressed", points out the Catalan actor.


Reyes de la Noche

that story is not told, but it is much more than that. With this you do not limit yourself to telling only one thing, but you can

extend everything to a possible second season

... in the event that the had".

The actor lives a sweet moment in his profession.

Photo: Antonio Heredia.

"It is a series of smiles rather than laughter,"

admits Miki Esparbé. "With much humor,

Reyes night

portrays a society testosterónica a journalist -here the most prepared of the station and performed by Itsaso Arana can not access a position of power by being a


In the years 80, things were done differently

and that will attract the attention of those who see this series. And thank goodness that now we are more advanced, although it is not completely. "

Miki Esparbé is an interpreter who has participated in films such as

Losing the North


Requirements to be a normal person


Elite Corps


Years ago, he left his native Barcelona to come to


to work


A city in which he feels very comfortable


"I still keep escaping to Barcelona when I can. But in Madrid many productions are shot and that makes many actors from abroad come to work here. Madrid seems to me a city that welcomes those who come from elsewhere very well and makes you feel very comfortable".

Miki Esparbé in 'Los espabilados'.


Finally, for those who associate her with comedies and do not identify her for dramatic works such as

Barcelona, ​​Noche de Invierno


Las Distances

, Miki Esparbé reveals her preferences. "It is not like before, where you could find a humor made for all audiences. Now there are many formats in which you can include humor, drama and much more in the same product.

For me,

Reyes de la noche

is a comedy with a very high dose of drama.

And that interests me a lot.

I love comedy and I don't want to stop doing it

. "

Next, the interpreter expands his answer: "but I would also tell you that

I like to investigate and feel fulfilled in other genres when possible

. For example, in

The Innocent

, where some have not recognized me the first time because of my look and because my character is a very shady guy. "

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