Corona 19 group infection occurred in Cheorwon army units in Gangwon-do. So far, 27 people have been confirmed, and more than 200 people are undergoing additional tests.

Reporter Kim A-young reports.


A soldier of the 6th Division of Cheorwon, Gangwon-do, who was in quarantine after returning from vacation, was confirmed yesterday (15th) with Corona 19.

Two soldiers who visited the containment facility for delivery of goods were confirmed in the process of further inspection of the soldiers who had contact with Mr. A.

Another soldier who was notified of contact with Mr. A while on vacation yesterday was confirmed by a public health center inspection.

Afterwards, 17 soldiers and 6 commuting officers who had been living in the unit dormitory were confirmed during the entire investigation process of the unit, and within two days there were a total of 27 confirmed cases.

While the route of infection is not known, additional tests are underway on more than 200 people, including family members of commuting officers and members of adjacent units.

[Cheorwon-gun public health center official: It should be said that the subjects were almost 100% (tested). There are soldiers, and from the postal delivery staff in and out of the unit, if there is any connection, all come... .]

There was also the first case of corona 19 after vaccination in military units.

Among the confirmed cases of the Cheorwon military base where the outbreak of infection occurred, three executives and one executive in the Busan Army were found to have received the first AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this month.

Last month's naval landing ship Go Bong-Jun, Gyeongnam Sacheon Air Force 3rd Training Flight Group, and the Army were also exposed to coronavirus, and as a military, where group lives are routine, concerns about quarantine are deepening.

(Video coverage: Han Il-sang, video editing: Kim Sun-tak)     

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