US President Joe Biden on Friday revoked a decree by former President Donald Trump, the White House reported on Friday.

The order dates back to May last year and was supposed to adjust the legal liability of online platforms, such as Twitter.

The amendment would apply to Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996. The article describes the extent to which online platforms are liable for the content that their users share via the platform.

Trump's decree would allow companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to be accused by federal authorities of censorship, for example by removing or modifying public messages.

Prior to signing the warrant in May last year, Twitter had flagged the information in two of Trump's tweets as "potentially misleading."

Trump claimed in the reports that postal voting would be prone to fraud and lead to "unfair elections."

Twitter had placed a blue label with the tweets that read "Read the facts about elections by mail here".

In response, Trump was furious that "Twitter is interfering with the presidential election."

Since the storming of the Capitol in January, Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebook. Also, his new communication platform, From The Desk of Donald J. Trump, is not welcome on Twitter.