Yoon Seong-yeo, who was convicted of the Lee Chun-jae serial murder case and unjustly jailed for 20 years, and was convicted at retrial. A few days ago, the police canceled the special campaigns of police officers who accused Yun. Yun says that not only should the special treatment be canceled, but also pensions received by the people's taxes should be returned.

This is reporter Choi Sun-gil.

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memory of having to falsely confess 32 years ago to the coercion investigation by the police is not forgotten even after being acquitted.

[Seong-yeo Yoon/'Lee Chun-jae serial murder case' victim of false investigation: Just because you are not guilty, there is no change in your life. Some people say they are innocent and live comfortably when they are compensated... .]

Five police officers were promoted by accusing themselves of being the culprit.

[Yun, Seong W / 'yichunjae murders' false rhetoric victims: 1 If the class teukjin'll be inclined in enteral're supposed to if those people retirement if retirement would end up in the Inspector sweet relief, rebirth in]

the all teukjin for these canceled It is natural, but

[Sungyeo Yoon/'Lee Chun-jae serial murder case' victim of false investigation: What is wrong in that era is that it is good to be promoted. The police chief said (with special treatment cancellation) anyway.]

It is difficult to accept the police explanation that it is legally difficult to get back the pension and wages that were additionally received through special treatment.

[Seongyeo Yoon/'Lee Chun-jae serial murder' victim of false investigation: This shouldn't happen again.

If this happens again, the world will be in trouble.]

As it is the money paid as national tax, it must be returned of course.

[Seong-yeo Yoon/'Lee Chun-jae serial murder case' victim of false investigation: If they have a conscience, honestly, if they did something wrong, shouldn't they return it to the country?


Meanwhile, we plan to claim damages against the country by the end of this month.

This is to request alimony for coercive investigations by the investigative agency and compensation for damages from family members.

He hopes that the wounds he inflicted on his family during the time he was stigmatized as a criminal will heal later.

[Yoon Sung-yeo/'Lee Chun-jae serial murder case' victim of false investigation: I always say yes to my sister and younger brother, I'm sorry.

I struggled a lot without my sister even knowing.

Same with my younger brother.]

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)