The hacker group behind the cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline has had to cease its activities.

The hackers no longer have access to certain servers, which means they can no longer access their website on the dark web and get stolen ransom, reports cyber security company Recorded Future.

Like other hacker groups, DarkSide regularly publishes stolen documents on the dark web, a difficult-to-access part of the internet where users operate anonymously.

This is to put the affected companies under pressure to come up with money.

But the DarkSide site has stopped working now.

According to Recorded Future, DarkSide itself reports that cryptocurrency, received as a ransom, has also disappeared from the servers.

It is still unclear who disabled the hackers' servers.

Experts also note that DarkSide will soon be disbanding and then returning under a different name.

DarkSide attacked Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline company in the United States, last week with ransomware.

In addition, company documents are encrypted and only released after payment of a ransom.

According to sources, Colonial Pipeline would have paid 5 million dollars (more than 4.1 million euros) to the hackers.

According to US President Joe Biden, Russia is partly responsible for the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

According to him, there is evidence that the hackers or their software come from Russia.

According to security experts, the group also communicated in Russian.

DarkSide recently apologized for the cyber attack.

According to the hackers, they were after money, but it was not intended to disrupt society.