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high school teacher was caught installing a hidden camera in the bathroom of the school.

Once the position has been removed, punishment will be decided according to the results of the investigation.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha on the report.

<Reporter> This

is a high school in Seoul.

Mr. A, an incumbent teacher working at this school, was caught by the police on charges of installing hidden cameras in women's bathrooms.

Last month, the school found two hidden cameras in two bathrooms for female faculty members and reported them to the police, and the police identified Mr. A as a suspect, seized and searched his home and office, and secured a cell phone.

As soon as the results of the investigation come out, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education will hold a disciplinary committee to determine the level of punishment.

[Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Staff: I heard that the position was lifted as of yesterday's date.

Final disciplinary action must be finalized by the prosecution.

When (result) comes, a disciplinary committee will be held.]


Rescue teams swim toward a woman sitting on the seashore of the island.

[Rescue Team: Are you okay?

Completion of returning home approach.

Currently under rescue, on the move.]

Today (15th) around 3:20 am, a report was filed by the Coast Guard in Sapsido, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do.

After a search, the coast guard found A, a woman in her 50s sitting alone on a nearby seashore after two and a half hours of reporting.

[Chungnam Boryeong Maritime Police Station Staff: He waved his hand when he saw us coming and said that he was here, so he was waving that he was here because a security ship approached.

He was barefoot, so he walked on a rock on his foot and had a slight scratch.]

Mr. A went to the seashore by himself and suddenly became isolated as the sea water suddenly

filled with the

tide. .


At around 11:10 am today, a car and a truck collided at the three-way intersection of Wondang Bridge in Yeongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, and 7 people were injured.

Most of the injured people are known to be in their 80s or older.

The police are investigating the exact details of the accident.

(Video coverage: Namnam Kim, video editing: Taeho Yoon, screen courtesy: Boryeong Marine Police Station, Yeongdong Fire Station)