Ireland refuses to ransom the hackers behind the major cyber attack on Ireland's public health service HSE.

The computer systems are expected to be down for a few days, Prime Minister Micheál Martin said at a press conference.

The health service was hit by a cyber attack on the night from Thursday to Friday.

The computer system had to be temporarily shut down to protect it from the ransomware attack.

Criminals can lock computers remotely with this software.

Only when a ransom has been paid do they make the files accessible again.

The health service reported on Friday that the hackers had not yet demanded a ransom, but that now appears to have changed.

It is unclear exactly how much money the cyber criminals want to see.

In any case, Ireland is not prepared to pay the ransom.

"We are very sure that we are not going to pay a ransom," said Prime Minister Martin.

That does mean that the computer systems will be down for a few more days. On Friday, several hospital appointments were canceled for that reason. People who urgently need help can go there. The corona vaccinations are also continuing as planned. According to the prime minister, experts are working hard to restore the system.