A steel coil weighing 13 tons fell from a large freight car running on the highway and hit the car behind you.

There were four people in the car, but a 9-year-old daughter died and the mother of the child was seriously injured.

This is Park Jae-hyun. 

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ambulance is dispatched on the shoulder of the highway.

At the site of the accident, paramedics follow CPR from an SUV with the roof completely off.

Shortly thereafter, the rescued occupants are transported inside the vehicle.

Today (14th) at around 3:50 pm, a 13 ton steel coil fell from a 25 ton truck in front of the Surity Tunnel on the Dangjin Yeongdeok Expressway toward Yeongdeok, Chungcheongbuk-do, hit the SUV in an instant.

The first contact accident caused a congestion in front of the tunnel, but one of the two 13-ton coils tied in the luggage compartment was avoided from colliding with the car in front of the 25-ton truck while applying the brakes belatedly. It was released.

The heavy coil hit the driver's seat of the SUV on the second lane. 

[Police official: Suddenly the car was pushed down, so I was in a hurry to change the car while applying a sudden brake.]

There were four members of the family in the SUV


He was taken to a hospital with cardiac arrest, but he died.

Father and son evacuated themselves after the accident.

It is known that truck drivers in their 60s are not drunk driving.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, CG: Ryu Sang-soo, screen provided: Song Young-hoon, Chungbuk Fire Department, Korea Expressway Corporation)