VodafoneZiggo customers will soon be able to use modems from brands other than the provider's.

The Telecommunication Services Disputes Committee has ruled that the provider must allow this.

A customer filed a complaint with the committee last year.

He wanted to use a modem and router from another brand, but VodafoneZiggo did not like that.

According to the company, a Ziggo modem was essential to be able to use the network.

However, the committee did not agree.

The latter now rules that VodafoneZiggo must give customers free modem choice.

The company must also explain on its website within 21 days how it is possible for a customer to use a modem that does not come from Ziggo.

The committee says it took the decision by looking at the BEREC rules.

This is a European partnership of telecom regulators, which has previously said that a connection point ends where an internet connection enters the house.

From that point on, customers are the owner of this and can therefore choose what kind of modem they use.

The new rules must take effect this month at the latest.

NU.nl has asked VodafoneZiggo for a response, but the provider was unable to respond immediately.