You don't need an international, world, or local day to throw yourself a couple of eggs.

Not even that it is Saturday, as Cervantes wrote in

Don Quixote

, to enjoy

some rich duels and losses

(you know, that scrambled egg that wraps the chorizo ​​and the streaky bacon).

We do not need reasons,

just because

... And, because it is one of the most versatile foods in our pantry.

Alone -whether it is cooked, soaked or fried- or in modest companies or of high birth,

the egg admits elaborations of all kinds

, beyond the tortillas.

We start with the most famous of Madrid's restaurants:

the starred or broken ones

at Casa Lucio (Cava Baja, 35).

The recipe, which is around

half a century old

, is simple: fried eggs served on top of a bed of potatoes on which they are broken (12.50 euros).

Palencia peas in soft stew with free-range egg, in Villoldo.

We continue in a traditional way with the broken eggs with Iberian ham from Hevia. In this classic from the Salamanca district (Serrano, 118) they are clear that the key lies in the quality of the ingredients. "The ideal potato is the early one that comes from the south of Spain, but it is only available between April and August; from October, we use the Monalisa variety from Segovia. The egg is free-range, with the Galicia quality seal; the Iberian ham, High Expression of Covap, from the Los Pedroches Valley, and oil, an EVOO with a slight bitterness and an almond-shaped memory ", they explain. Price (13.75 euros).

"Always" are also the ones that are sold in Los Galayos (Botoneras, 5): free-range and fried over freshly made fried potatoes.

In this century-old house they have a hand with eggs and prepare from some


, potatoes with free-range eggs and black pudding from Burgos, to a few


with those same eggs and julienne of fried red and green peppers (with sprigs: 13.85 euros, in bar; 16 in room).

Scrambled eggs with picadillo de Potes, in La Maruca.

In La Maruca (Velázquez, 54), from the Cañadío group, specialized in popular Cantabrian cuisine, they even make homeland with eggs ("Cantabrians, from the Anero ecological farm, where the chickens spend the day pecking in the meadows and feed themselves with cereals free of toxic residues ", they point from the dining room). Now they are served

broken with potatoes and mincemeat

- it could not be otherwise - Pots (12 euros). "We make the potatoes and reserve them; we sauté the minced meat and add a couple of eggs, creating a loose scramble. We add the potatoes and give it a couple of turns and add piquillo pepper sauce", they detail. Another proposal is added to the broken ones: egg

-at low temperature-

with a bed of mashed potatoes with a touch of fresh truffle and mushrooms sautéed with garlic and a little chilli (13 euros).

With little lace, in Los Galayos.

Paco García has been feeding in Ponzano for more than 30 years (Ponzano, 12). In this chamber house they use the premium eggs of Cowards and Chickens to cook from broken ones with potatoes and minced meat - and also with mushrooms; Ham; black pudding and roasted peppers;

cured Iberian bacon

; loin with rosemary or pepper ... (15 euros) - up to a scrambled eggs with leek black pudding from Olano (from 10 euros). It is clear that the scrambled game gives a lot of play. For example, the one with mushrooms is a classic in Villoldo (Lagasca, 134), a restaurant that for seven years has brought a little of the Palencia land to the capital. They prepare it

only with yolks

, from free-range hens, and serve it with

candied onion and fresh foie

(10 euros, half portion; 18 whole).

But there is more: asparagus from Tudela de Duero on cream of peas and free-range egg yolk,

peas from Palencia in a mild stew with free-range egg


Stuffed with melva canutera del sur, in El Clásico.

Regional touches that can also be seen in the offer of Asgaya (Doctor Fleming, 52), that small temple of Asturian cuisine near the Plaza de Castilla.

Thus, among its updated Asturian proposals there is room for broken eggs with carabineros (26 euros) or

cabrales with leek and onions

on crunchy fariñes (16 euros).

Julio Miralles, executive chef of the Tatel group (Paseo de la Castellana, 36), has just added to the menu of the Madrid restaurant almost twenty new recipes that pay tribute to the traditional national cuisine, among which the Manchego pisto cannot, to which some very fresh free-range eggs give it a creamy touch (16 euros).

Ratatouille with eggs, at Tatel.

Arzábal (Menéndez Pelayo, 13) would not be what it is today without its

frying pan of free-range eggs with truffle


We do not say it, but Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellanos themselves in


, the book they have just published (Planeta Gastro).

What's more, they assure that if "you've been there and you haven't tried it, it's as if you hadn't been."

And what does this recipe

contain, arzabalera watchword


Sour potatoes, two free-range chicken eggs with a bit of sprig, truffle and chopped chives (18 euros per pan).

Eggs in a pan over mushroom mousse and fresh truffle, in Viridiana.

Other truffles that are part of the Huevero Olympus are those that the sly and unrepeatable

Abraham García

embroiders in the now mythical Viridiana (Juan de Mena, 14).

In addition to these classic eggs -from free-range hens- in a pan over mushroom mousse and fresh truffle (33 euros) -, these days Master Abraham serves fried eggs

with criadillas, fried chickpeas with La Vera paprika

and Manchego pisto ( 21 euros).

Divorced eggs, purple potato foam and truffle, in Dogma

The standard bearer for the product is also Juanjo López Bedmar, the patron of La Tasquita de Enfrente (Ballesta, 6).


eggs used in this dining room come from

Galician free-range


, whose proposal is linked to the season.

Thus, in the

tuber melanosporum season, they

are usually prepared with truffles, and those that are played today are

fried with anchovies or with sonsos

, a whole delicatessen (28 euros).

"We make the eggs abuñuelados, abombaditos, and we put the sonso, battered, on top", explains Juanjo.

Uovo millesimé, in Don Giovanni.

Likewise, in Salino (Menorca, 4), the Mediterranean food house of Paco and Javier Aparicio, make use of the marine product:

crystal shrimp

with fried eggs and green pepper (15 euros), while in Cachivache Taberna (Serrano, 221) , the Aparicio brothers opt for eggs

with truffle puree

(10.90 euros).

In both places they use camperos and from farms of the Community of Madrid.

They are served as co-stars of a carnivorous recipe at Fismuler, the house that the La Ancha group family has in the Chamberí neighborhood (Sagasta, 29):

cutlet steak tartare with potatoes

and fried eggs, from free-range chickens from a cooperative Galician (22.50 euros).

Steak tartare with egg, at Fismuler.

Why not jump in and try the

uovo millesimé by

the Italian Andrea Tumbarello?

An iconic dish with free-range egg yolk, truffle caviar, truffle slices and boletus cream (25.50 euros), which is available at Don Giovanni (Paseo de la Reina Cristina, 23).

Or even get carried away by Mario Céspedes's Japanese-Peruvian-Asturian fusion in Ronda 14 (General Oráa, 25)?

His proposal is a truffled egg gunkan -a rice base with

wrapped nori seaweed

and, inside, the

poached yolk

with white truffle and potato chips- which is recommended to be eaten in one bite (5.90 euros).

Truffled egg gunkan, in Round 14.

What would our culinary memory be without

stuffed eggs

, that cold morsel that mothers and grandmothers made with care.

In El Clásico (Marqués Viudo de Pontejos, 9) they are made - from hens raised in freedom -



canutera tuna

both for tapas and to start a meal (3 euros for two halves).

While at the Café Comercial (Glorieta de Bilbao, 7), Pepe Roch opts for the usual stuffing

with tuna and tomato

(5 euros, two units).

Eggs -from farm and Galician- are also present in the


(28 euros) that weekends and holidays serve in this authentic place.

Yolk in warm idiazábal soup, in El Jardín de Alma.

In El Jardín de Alma (Arturo Soria, 207), a whole orchard with a 1,000 m² plot, what is taken is the market kitchen and a menu that is constantly updated.

Hence, in the house of Jesús González Espartero they give the eggs a spin and star in somewhat more complex elaborations, such as the

warm soup of idiazába

l with shiitake mushrooms and Portobello mushrooms and egg yolk at 65 ° (from 9 euros a glass ).

More in a contemporary way:



with violet potato foam and truffle that are the most popular starter of Dogma (Alberto Alcocer, 43).

And how are these

divorcees made


They are cooked

at a low temperature

and are wrapped in panko (12 euros).

With sonsos, in La Tasquita de Enfrente.

If you like strong dishes from beyond the seas, his are the


, fried eggs on a wheat tortilla and tomato or tomatillo sauce on top, typical of Mexican breakfast.

In Mawey (Olid, 6 and San Bernardo, 5) they make them with Iberian ham and cheese (7.50 euros).

"We have tuned them. They have a

crunchy corn tortilla

at the base; tomatillo sauce and chipotle sauce; fried eggs; a camembert cheese cream and, topping everything, a special chorizo ​​that we make and some threads of red chili" They explain from the dining room.

Rancheros, in Mawey.

We close with a novelty, the


that has just started at Viva Madrid and that includes the essential

eggs benedict


In Diego Cabrera's "unusual" tavern (Manuel Fernández y González, 7) they bet on an organic free-range egg, cooked at low temperature on a grilled toasted brioche bread, with avocado, hollandaise sauce with

hints of Amontillado wine

and bacon crispy (brunch, 28 euros).

And there are more, many more dishes with good eggs.

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