New twist in the case of new WhatsApp privacy rules.

The messenger announced on Friday that it would not immediately delete the account of users refusing the new rules.

The application had initially announced that any user who did not accept the new rules for the management of personal data would see their account deleted from May 8, recalls 

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The measure provoked an outcry from users.

Angry users

The latter accused the messenger of extending the data collection of Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, to all users of the application.

Even though conversations remain end-to-end encrypted, some users have even left WhatsApp in favor of Signal or Telegram, in protest.

In response, WhatsApp postponed its measure to May 15.

The company also announced that the accounts would not be deleted but simply deactivated, with the inability to send messages.

Once again, users overwhelmingly expressed their anger, outraged at having new rules imposed on their data.

A gradual degradation of functionalities

WhatsApp has therefore backpedaled again.

"No one will have their accounts deleted or lose the ability to use WhatsApp on May 15 due to this update," a new statement read.

But the application will continue to put pressure on the recalcitrant.

Users who have not already accepted the new rules will receive "persistent" reminders.

Eventually, they will gradually lose some basic functionality, such as notifications and access to discussions.

The social network has not announced after how many weeks the service would be degraded.


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