Donald Trump is still banned from Twitter since the affair of the assault on the Capitol in early 2021. Since then, several sites have suspended the billionaire's account.

The latter therefore fell back on his own blog named "From the desk of Donald Trump".

The man publishes messages there which can then be relayed on social networks using sharing tools.

The social network has nothing against the fact that users occasionally share messages from the blog of the former US president, because it does not violate any rule.

But the social network does not allow accounts to be entirely dedicated to it.

Indeed, it is not just Donald Trump's official account that is banned, but all the accounts exclusively dedicated to his communication.

Bypass attempt

Twitter therefore suspended a series of accounts on Thursday, because they relayed all the messages that Donald Trump shared on his site.

“As stated in our suspension bypass policy, we will take action against accounts whose apparent intention is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account,” the Twitter spokesperson commented on NBC.

NBC used the example of a recently banned account, named after the president's site.

Jason Miller, Donald Trump's spokesperson, however, claimed that this account was not created by or with the permission of someone affiliated with the outgoing president.


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