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was an opinion that the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Lee Seong-yoon, who is suspected of exerting pressure on the investigation of the illegal departure ban case by Kim Hak-e, should be handed over to trial. District Prosecutor Seong-yoon Lee said that he would be judged by the Prosecutors' Investigation Deliberation Committee whether the investigation was justified, but at that meeting, a recommendation came out that the prosecution should be prosecuted.

For more details, reporter Son Hyung-an will tell you.


Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, Lee Seong-yoon, who was secretly investigated by moving to an official vehicle sent by the Minister of Public Transport Kim Jin-wook in March.

The reason I went to the airlift on this day was because of the accusation that I had exerted external pressure to the investigation team on the alleged illegal withdrawal of Kim Hak's former vice-minister last year.

Suwon District Prosecutor's Office, who had been transferred from an air defense agency that was not ready for an investigation at the time, conducted the investigation, and Lee, who rebelled against the suspicion of a target investigation, requested that the prosecution investigation review committee be held, saying that he would receive judgment from an outside expert.

Today (10th), when the Investigation Deliberation Committee was held, Chief Prosecutor Lee took a vacation and voluntarily attended and expressed his position.

At this time, a prosecutor who was under external pressure from the district prosecutor at the time, and a prosecutor who investigated the suspicion participated.

The incumbent prosecutors were fiercely disputed over the legitimacy of the investigation and prosecution.

The conclusion of the Investigation Deliberation Committee, which came out after 4 hours of the meeting,

[Yang Chang-su/Chairman of the Prosecutors' Investigation Deliberation Committee: In conclusion, it has been decided to prosecute Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon.] The

deliberation committee members also did not accept the request of Prosecutor

Lee to

allow the airlift to proceed with further investigations.

The investigative team and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, which have already confirmed their opinions on the prosecution, have carried out the recommendations of the deliberation committee, so it seems natural to hand over the chief prosecutor to trial sooner or later.

In that case, it is expected that the position of the District Prosecutor General will be further narrowed in the prosecution personnel scheduled after the inauguration of the new prosecutor general.

District Prosecutor's Office Lee Seong-yoon said that it would not make a separate position on the recommendation of the Investigation Review Committee to comment on the prosecution.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: So Ji-hye)