Apple may start processing 5G modems in its iPhones from 2023,



in response to a letter from investors who have seen the site.

The letter's claim comes from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The 5G modems would be designed by Apple itself.

This means that Apple would no longer be dependent on Qualcomm, which now supplies the tech company with 5G chips.

The Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek could also suffer from this, because another player is joining the


5G chip market.

"Qualcomm will have to compete in the cheaper 5G chip market to make up for Apple's lost order. If chip shortages decrease, MediaTek and Qualcomm will have less bargaining power," Kuo writes.

However, it may take longer for Apple's own chips to be in the iPhones, says Kuo.

According to the analyst, the tech company would be able to process the modems in its phones from 2023 at the earliest.

In 2019, Apple acquired Intel's modem division for € 890 million. As a result, Apple has long had the option of producing its own 5G modems. As a result of the acquisition, Intel has stopped making its own network technology for smartphones. The company is still developing these for laptops and smart devices.