A German security researcher hacked the Apple AirTag, with which you can find lost items with your iPhone, only ten days after its release.

The researcher, known by the alias 'Stack Smashing', has cracked the microcontroller, a circuit with a microprocessor, from the smart label, he said on Twitter.

After hours of tinkering with the AirTags, in which two copies were killed, 'Stack Smashing' showed the result on Twitter.

Once the microcontroller was cracked, the researcher was able to adjust certain parts of the software.

He showed in a video that he could change how the NFC chip works.

A smartphone can read the smart label via the chip.

Normally, the NFC chip redirects the phone to an Apple website that contains the AirTag's serial number.

The security researcher had modified the chip so that he refers to his own website.

In theory, the NFC chip could be modified by malicious parties so that it forwards phones to malicious websites.

There have been concerns about smart labels for some time, especially when it comes to security and privacy.

Samsung added a feature to the SmarthThings Find app in April to detect unknown Galaxy SmartTags.

Yesss !!!

After hours of trying (and bricking 2 AirTags) I managed to break into the microcontroller of the AirTag!

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