Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a new security flaw in the Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem network communication protocol.

Problem: it is integrated into many smartphones around the world.

The vulnerability would allow malicious code to be inserted into a phone using the Android operating system, Presse-Citron reports.

Nearly 40% of smartphones currently in circulation would be affected, whether they are Samsung, Xiaomi, Google or One Plus, specify the experts at Check Point.

Companies increasingly targeted

Discovered in October, this vulnerability was already corrected by Qualcomm last December before being publicly revealed in early May. But many smartphones are still exposed, the patch has not yet been taken into account by all manufacturers in their updates. “We don't know who patched or not,” Qualcomm said. “In our experience, implementing these fixes takes time, so many phones are likely still prone to the threat. "

Faced with increasingly frequent cyber attacks, some specialists recommend using tools to detect vulnerabilities and malware.

This is particularly true for businesses, which are increasingly targeted.

According to Check Point, 97% of the world's companies have already faced threats from cyber attacks in 2020.


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