<Anchor> In the

middle of the night, 20s drunk driving at 200 km/h with their headlights turned off on the Gyeongbu Expressway were arrested. Citizens who saw the strange movement of the car in front pursued them and helped the police arrest them.

This is reporter Jeong Ban-seok.


Yesterday (9th) 0:20 Gyeongbu Expressway near Cheonan, Chungnam.

A black car runs at a speed of close to 200 km/h with its headlights turned off.

You stumble without being able to keep your lane properly

[Applause/Informant: Uh, you think you've been drinking?]



who was convinced that he was drunk driving, when he gave the signal to turn on the headlight, and he didn't listen

. (Looks like drinking?)]

After reporting to the police, I went on a chase.

[Passenger (police report situation): It is Gyeongbu Expressway. (Yes.) A vehicle drives back and forth without turning on the lights.] It

seems to stop when the police car is chasing, then

[did you catch it?] He

speeds up and


away with a tremendous roar.

Going ahead and behind, chasing for a long time, stopping at a signal, stopping the runaway vehicle and letting the driver

get off. [Get off.]

The chase, which lasted for nearly 20 minutes

, ended


[Applause/Informer: He lowered the window first. They say,'Please take a look'. I smelled a lot of alcohol. They talked about gibberish. 'I drank a bottle while eating.'] The

police who followed arrested the driver, and the blood alcohol concentration was 0.095%, which is the number of license cancellations.

The first place the reporter saw a drunk vehicle was near the Cheonan Junction, but was arrested at Jukcheon-gyo intersection in Cheongju, so he drunk driving for over 30km.

[Applause/Reporter: When I see drunk driving, this is not a lot, but I want to report it. Because habit becomes a habit, I blocked it beforehand.]

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee, CG: Yura Kang)