One day from a village in Gangwon-do, there was a report that there were numerous white stains on several vehicles.

This stain, which cannot be removed even after washing the car, is said to be a drop of paint.

Reporter Won Seok-jin of G1 Broadcasting reported on how this happened.


Yoo Soo-hyung found a white foreign substance stuck to various parts of the vehicle earlier last month.

I tried washing and scraping the car, but I couldn't erase it.

[Soo-hyung Yoo/Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon: I was stuck, but I didn't know what this was.

So I didn't report it, but when I scraped it gently with a knife, it was all over it.]

Yoo wasn't the only one who worried about this.

From the side of the street to the parking lot of the apartment, every car in the neighborhood was like that.

There are a lot of white grain-like particles sticking to one side of the vehicle's windshield.

Residents point to a construction site about 200m away.

Inje-gun is building a public gymnasium with 8.5 billion won, and it is said that the screen was poorly placed and sprayed with paint on a windy day to fly to the residential area.

[Village residents: I think I have a little bit of the bonnet and the glass on it. When I heard what you're saying these days, I heard that there are close to 100 vehicles.] The

contractor said that all vehicles within a 100m radius were covered with vinyl, and that the sprayed paint was not expected to fly so far.

[Contractor: I can't see it in the morning, but it's around the afternoon, so when it's lunchtime, a strange wind blows here.] The

contractor plans to investigate damages through the Construction Mutual Aid Association as soon as possible, and then take insurance against residents.

(Video coverage: Shin Hyun-geul G1 broadcast)