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Prosecutors' Investigation Review Committee for Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Lee Seong-yoon will be held today (10th). Prosecutor Lee is under suspicion of interfering with the investigation of the illegal departure ban of Kim Hak-ei from the former Deputy Minister of Justice. There is no coercive force, only the effect of the recommendations, but depending on how the conclusions are drawn, it does not seem to have a strong impact.

This is reporter Won Jong-jin.


The agenda of the Prosecutors' Investigation and Deliberation Committee, which will be held at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office at 2 pm today, is the charge of abuse of Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office Lee Seong-yoon.

It is to determine whether the charges of exerting external pressure on the investigation team of the Anyang District Office, which attempted to investigate the allegations of the illegal departure ban of Kim Hak-ei, when District Attorney Seong-yoon Lee was the anti-corruption chief of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in 2019.

The Suwon District Prosecutors' Office, which has been investigating the case after the public interest reporter's disclosure, reported to the Great Prosecutors last month that the charges were admitted and that the prosecution should be prosecuted.

Then, Prosecutor General Lee opened an investigation review committee composed of outside personnel and asked for judgment, which was accepted by the prosecutors' office, and today the investigation review committee was held.

The investigative deliberation committee members will deliberate on the agenda based on the opinions submitted by the investigation team and the District Prosecutor's Office, and then disclose their opinions on whether to prosecute the District Prosecutor's Office.

However, since the opinion of the Investigation Review Committee has only an advisory effect, it is unknown whether the prosecution will follow the opinion not to prosecute.

Conversely, if the Investigation Deliberation Committee reveals that it is appropriate to prosecute, there is a high possibility that the prosecution will be made against Candidate Oh-soo Kim before taking office as the Prosecutor General.