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Beyond the multi-advertised premieres,

there are productions on platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Disney + that are worth knowing.

Recently released series that,

at times, have not received the recognition they deserved


Known or not, we review five series (

Welcome to Utmark




Popcorn Pixar


Easy Money


Superman and Lois

) that have gone unnoticed and are very good.


Broadly speaking, this Norwegian series could be defined as a cross between

Doctor in Alaska


Twin Peaks



. Although, in reality, it would have to be claimed for being a production that departs from the usual schemes. With a

lot of black humor, a lot of intrigue and a collection of very unique characters


Welcome to Utmark

takes us to a small town in northern Norway. A place where, in theory, nothing ever happens. Although, in reality, everything happens. Alcohol smuggling, love affairs, supposed demonic possessions ...

A fascinating cocktail with plots

that come together, move away from each other and, above all,

unfold in an unpredictable way


A little gem that portrays a group of social misfits.

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EASY MONEY (Netflix)


, that engine that positively inspires many people and perverts so many others

is the main axis of this series


A hard-working mother who dreams of becoming a respected businesswoman, a young man who aspires to easy success and a thug in a criminal gang are the three protagonists of a

six-part Swedish production

that portrays a rotten society in which anything goes.

This story was already told in 2010 in the movie

Easy Money

, with Joel Kinnaman (

Suicide Squad

) and Matías Varela (

Raised by Wolves





The millions of followers (especially the smallest ones) that Pixar has around the world will surely appreciate these

pills based on some of the great successes of the Disney brand


Through the

10 shorts

that make up this animated series, the characters from

Toy Story


The Incredibles


Finding Nemo





Short pieces (barely two minutes long), almost without dialogue

and that are a perfect example that to tell a good story you don't have to go on too long.

Seeing them in marathon mode barely takes 20 minutes and it should be noted

Dory finds


A day in the life of the Dead

, which expand the plots of

Finding Nemo




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The creator of this series is the same as that of the comic

The Walking Dead


Robert Kirkman

, now a star thanks to the television adaptation of his zombie stories, takes

the helm of an animated production for adults

that gives a new twist to the superhero plots.



, the protagonist is Mark Grayson, the son of Omniman, a superhero who saves the world every day.

Tired of having to live in the shadow of his father, teenage

Mark will undergo a big change in his life when he discovers that he also has superpowers


It is worth noting the great violent charge included in the episodes of the first season.

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You might think that the story of Superman was no longer enough.

But, watching this series, we discover that there are still different points of view to tell us about a superhero with many fans from all times.


Superman and Lois


the narrative centers on Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch)

, two parents who must deal with their two teenage sons while he, Superman, continues his work to save Humanity from disaster. .


interesting mix between a family drama and




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