In the first trial, Moo Park, CEO of Bodyfriend, a massage equipment company, who was handed over to the trial on charges of falsely exaggerated advertisements, denied the charges.

Representative Park's lawyer attended the first trial held today (10th) at the Seoul Central District Court and insisted that "the fact that the advertisement was carried out was acknowledged, but it was not a false exaggeration, and Park was not an actor in this case."

In addition, he stressed that, in a written opinion to the court, "I had no intention to deceive consumers and there was no fear of harming the fair trade order."

Bodyfriend and CEO Park are accused of false advertising on newspapers and internet homepages with the intention that the massage chairs for teenagers launched by the company are "effective in improving youth's height and learning ability, such as concentration."

Earlier, the prosecution handed over both CEO Park and the company to trial in October last year based on the results of an investigation by the FTC that said Bodyfriend had never demonstrated the efficacy of height growth.

The next trial is scheduled to take place on the 7th of next month.

(Photo = Courtesy of the Fair Trade Commission, Yonhap News)