Cheonjong Mountain Ginseng, which is more than 100 years old, was discovered at Deogyusan Mountain in Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Cheonjong wild ginseng has grown naturally for more than 50 years and is called wild ginseng from the sky.

It is wild ginseng that has never been passed through human hands.

Today (10th), according to the Korean Traditional Simmani Association, Lee Mo (62, female), who collects medicinal herbs, asked for an appraisal of Cheonjongsansam, which he discovered on the 7th at 700m above sea level at Deogyusan Mountain in Hamyang.

The Cheonjong Sansam was evaluated as a super-large with a root weight of 68 g and a root length of 63 cm.

This cheonjongsan ginseng is grown between rock masses and rock masses rich in minerals, and its color is dark yellow.

It is evident that Cheonjongsan Ginseng has slept several times for self-treatment, and the age is over 100 years.

The appraisal price was set at 90 million won by applying the ginseng price and gold price of the late Joseon dynasty over 200 years ago.

Jeong Hyeong-beom, head of the Korean Traditional Heart Mani Association, said, "The found Cheonjong Sansam was difficult to track due to the lack of purple ginseng, but the traces of Okju appearing when reaping the roots, the dark yellow color and weight, and the fact that it was grown among the low-nutrient rock masses of the humus layer were noted. We put it together and estimate it to be over 100 years old.”

(Photo = Courtesy of Korean Traditional Simmani Association, Yonhap News)