What is the best RV navigation system?

And which system offers the best value for money?

NU.nl and the Consumers' Association provide an answer.

Camper navigation is specially made for navigating with a camper or caravan.

The system takes the dimensions and weight of your vehicle into account when determining the route.

There are also systems that focus on trucks, but you can often also use these for a camper.

The Consumers' Association tested various camper navigation systems on, among other things, avoiding (too) low viaducts, (too) narrow and steep roads, entering the vehicle dimensions and finding a suitable parking space for a camper.

A Garmin navigation system is Best in the Test.

Another device from Garmin is the Best Buy.

Best in Test: Garmin Camper 890 MT-S

  • Price: 499 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.4

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This Garmin motorhome system has a large 8-inch (20.3 cm) screen and an included map of Europe.

The default navigation works fine, as it usually does with Garmin.

But avoiding narrow roads and low viaducts for your camper, for example, is not always good.

This can give you surprises.

However, the 890 MT-S gives a message in case of (too) strong wind and warns against steep roads.

There is a built-in camper database that is easy to use.

Thanks to this database, the Garmin Camper 890 MT-S can help you find a suitable parking space and campsite for your camper.

Furthermore, the system is easy to update via the built-in WiFi.

Best Buy: Garmin Camper 780 & Digital Traffic

  • Price: 300 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.3

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This Garmin model is hardly inferior to the Best in the Test, but at 300 euros it is a lot cheaper.

Although it is still a lot of money for a navigation system.

The standard navigation quality is comparable to that of the 890 MT-S, as is the ease of use.

The route calculation of the Camper 780 works a bit slower than the Camper 890. Unfortunately, the route determination for your camper is also not perfect with this system and (too) low viaducts and (too) narrow roads are not always avoided.

Entering the dimensions of your camper is easy and the camper database is also convenient to use.

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