The Army's 39th Division in Haman, Gyeongsangnam-do, also revealed that the meals provided to soldiers in quarantine were inadequate.

On the Facebook page,'I'll deliver on behalf of the Army Training Center' yesterday (8th), an article and a photo were uploaded complaining about the insolvency of the 39th Division.

It was a picture of rice, steamed eggs, and a little kimchi in a black disposable bento container.

In the photo, there was a description of "This is the 39th division today's breakfast menu. The soup is dung soup. There is no seaweed. The yellow side dish is steamed egg. Even if it's really unfair, I report it like this"

The 39th Division, which started to confirm the facts, said that the lunchbox in question was provided to quarantine soldiers for the prevention of Corona 19 on the morning of the 8th.

The 39 companies explained that they were checking the reasons why the side dishes were not served enough, and that they prepared a meal for quarantine first, and provided additional side dishes such as tuna cans and lactic acid bacteria drinks.

A 39 company official said, "I am sorry that the breakfast menu was insufficient at the level of the soldiers' eyes," and said, "I will pay more attention to ensure that food is cooked to suit the taste of the soldiers through the on-site supervision." .