164 Korean business officials who had stayed in India, where the spread of Corona 19 was severe, returned to Korea today (9th) by special flight.

Asiana Airlines' special flight departing from New Delhi with Korean citizens in India for business trips and other reasons arrived at Incheon International Airport around 8:02 am today (9th).

Previously, 172 people arrived from Chennai on the 4th and 203 people from Bengaluru on the 7th, and this is the third return flight from India this month.

It is known that most of the business trip personnel related to the construction of the Samsung Display factory were on board during this special period departing from New Delhi.

From the 24th of last month, the government stopped direct flights to India and only allowed irregular flights for domestic transportation purposes.

Those returning from India will undergo a diagnostic test at a temporary living facility immediately upon entry, and must live in quarantine at the facility for 7 days even if negative is confirmed.

For the next 7 days, self-isolation continues at home, etc., and you must undergo diagnostic tests three times during the total two-week quarantine period.

(Photo = Yonhap News)