Another unfortunate report of the death of a worker came to pass.

A worker from a subcontractor in his 40s at Hyundai Heavy Industries' Ulsan Shipyard crashed and died while working.

The union insisted that the safeguards were insufficient.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo on the report.


This is the interior of a crude oil carrier being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The workshop where welding is in progress is quite high to look at, but it looks breathtaking because there is no proper safety device.

Today (8th), around 8:40 am, A man in his 40s who was welding here fell 11 meters high.

A nearby fire monitoring worker immediately found it and was taken to the hospital, but Mr. A died.

Mr. A is a subcontractor of Hyundai Heavy Industries and has been working on it since the end of February.

Since it was paid per day, the welding work was carried out on the weekend morning as well.

The union pointed out that the cause of the accident was the low illumination in the workplace and the lack of proper safety fences.

[(Job site photos) you see the Top because the backrest on the part of the vertical ladder fall risks keotjyo Hyundai Heavy Industries union officials.]

There are side unions considering asking the responsibility for violation of safety management responsibilities to the company, In response, Hyundai Heavy Industries said, "There are guidelines for workplace safety management and will actively respond to investigations by related agencies such as the police."

The police are planning to summon those involved sooner or later to investigate whether the safety management guidelines have been properly followed at the work site.

(Video editing: Kim Jin-won, video courtesy: Hyundai Heavy Industries Labor Union, CG: Lee Jun-ho)