Solar Team Twente will participate in October in the Solar Challenge Morocco, an alternative to the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The Technical University of Twente announced this on Friday.

The Solar Challenge Morocco was created because the Australian solar car race was canceled due to corona.

The organization of the World Solar Challenge announced in February that the event will be canceled this year, much to the disappointment of the Twente team.

"The nineteen students put their studies aside for a year and a half to design and build a world-class solar car. The focus is on the race in Australia," the university writes in the message.

In order to be able to hold a major international race, the Solar Challenge Morocco was created.

Fifty teams race in five stages through the south of Morocco.

The stages are spread over five days.

The race starts and ends in the port city of Agadir.

The total distance is 2500 kilometers in total, about 500 kilometers less than the race in the Australian outback.

The team that covers the total distance fastest wins.

Solar Team Twente is participating in the RED Horizon, their latest model.

However, the solar car is better suited to the Australian landscape than the one in Morocco, partly because of the height differences in the Sahara.

"The new route and the unfamiliar landscape are a big challenge for the whole team. The design of the RED Horizon electric motor needs to be revised. Also for the strategy of the race we start at the beginning and we do not yet know exactly what we are doing. awaits. ”said Judith Tel, the team's strategist and electrical engineer.

The Twente team is not the only Dutch team participating in the race.

The Top Dutch Solar Team from the University of Groningen is also present.