The most recent Google Stadia update makes it possible to use a smartphone as a controller,



on Friday.

This means that users no longer need a Stadia controller to be able to game via the streaming service when playing on a TV screen.

The feature is only available for Android version of the Stadia app.

The touchscreen is used to control a game via the smartphone, just like with mobile games.

It is also possible to connect another wireless bluetooth controller via the phone, such as an Xbox, Playstation or Switch controller.

In addition, the volume of the television can be adjusted via the smartphone.

The update serves as a bridge, as it is not yet possible to use the Stadia controller in combination with the latest Chromecast.

This came out last year.

The Stadia controller works over an internet connection and not a bluetooth connection, which is what the Chromecast 2020 version uses to connect devices to it.

As a result, Stadia is not yet available for the newer version of the media streaming device.

It is not yet known when the service will be available for the latest Chromecast.

Google announced this year that it would focus more on further developing Stadia's technology. In February, the tech giant closed its game studio and stopped developing its own games for its streaming service.