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number of new corona19 confirmed patients again reached 700 in 10 days. In particular, on Mother's Day, which is the weekend, it is expected that there will be many family gatherings and outings, raising concerns about the spread.

Reporter Lim Tae-woo reports.

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today (8th) 0 o'clock, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases was 701, an increase of 176 from the previous day.

After recording 769 on the 28th of last month, it has climbed to the 400-600 range for a while and then rose to 700.

Sporadic group infections continue and the effect of the decrease in the number of tests on the last Children's Day holiday disappears, which appears to show an increase again.

Among the new confirmed cases, local outbreaks recorded 672 and foreign inflows recorded 29.

By region, the metropolitan area, including 240 in Seoul, 192 in Gyeonggi, and 20 in Incheon, accounted for 452 people, accounting for 67% of the total.

Major group infection cases were 6 people in the food center of Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam, Seoul, 4 people in the hospitalization ward of Chung-Ang University Hospital in Dongjak-gu, and 11 people in a bathhouse in Ulju-gun, Ulsan.

The number of deaths increased by five to 1,865 in total.

The number of first-line vaccinations increased only by 38,000 per day yesterday.

In recent years, due to poor supply and demand for vaccines, both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have slowed the rate of primary vaccination.

The cumulative number of vaccinations is about 3662,000, and the vaccination rate is 7.1%.

There are 523 new cases reported as adverse reactions after vaccination.

Of these, three reported deaths, one received AstraZeneca and two received the Pfizer vaccine.

Health officials say the causality between vaccination and death has not yet been confirmed.